Why wood need stabilization with resin?

Wood, as you may know, is a natural material, and wood moves, which you may not know. Difference in humidity and temperature can cause wood to expand or contract, changing sizes and even warping. What causes this is water absorbing into the wood, causing expansion, or water being lost from the wood, causing contraction. This can be a problem for you if you want to use wood for something requiring tight tolerances, like making a pen, or for use as the handle scales on a knife. You could get the handles fitted nice and perfectly on a humid day, then as soon as the air drys a little, the handle scales no longer fit the knife quite as nice, or the pen binds up. In other words, disaster!

This brings us to the process of resin stabilization. The process entails a drying process to get rid of all the moisture in the wood, putting the now bone-dry wood into a vacuum chamber to remove all the air, then introducing an acrylic resin into the wood, to occupy all the little nooks and crannys that water can absorb into in the cells of the wood. The end result is a piece of wood that no longer moves with changes in humidity, i.e the dimensions are stable.

Stabilization brings a host of other benefits too. In addition to the aforementioned movement issues, stabilization is also used on punky, spalted or soft woods to strengthen them; the acrylic resin adds a lot of strength to the wood itself. Now, it wont turn Balsa into Maple, but it will make a soft wood like Chestnut plenty hard enough for use in a heavy use role, like a knife handle. Stabilized woods are also generally easier to machine, more resistant to rot, and don’t require finishing. They also take a very lovely polish. Best of all, despite the acrylic resin penetrating the wood, it still feels like wood in the hand, not plastic!

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Post time: Aug-31-2017